About SIMKHA, the Organic Skincare Brand

Who are we?

cosmétique vegan SIMKHA pour toute la famille

SIMKHA is a Quebec-based brand that specializes in the manufacturing  of natural, vegan and cruelty-free beauty products.
It was after her son’s skin problems that Christel Muriel, founder of SIMKHA, decided to turn to natural products.
In search of miracle care, she struggles to find effective solutions and decides to test the recipes of homemade natural cosmetics from her mother, a biology professor This is how her first  moisturizing body butters were born. Those first body were specially designed to soothe very dry and sensitive skin. Thus will be born her first jars of creams which breathe nature, well-being, sweetness and a divine scent!


With her medical biologist background, Christel passionately creates daring blends of raw shea butter, cocoa butter and mango butter,that benefits for the whole family. Following the success of her first pots, she decided to take the plunge and start her own brand of natural and organic skincare products.

In 2015, the SIMKHA brand, which means will have joy in Hebrew, was born with a specific mission: To offer a healthy and eco-responsible alternative to conventional cosmetics.

And beyond the healthy composition, the emphasis is on freshness and well-being with fresh and comforting formulations, and notes of rose, green tea, lavender and ylang ylang which are sources of well-being. The range is then enriched with new treasures for the care of the face, body and hair and for the bath.

The products are made in Quebec and sold worldwide. Another significant advantage of SIMKHA products: It is entirely possible to personalize them by choosing or removing certain ingredients. Just choose a version without essential oils to respect the fragile skin of babies and adults./span>

Customized services AT YOUR HOME

For the delight of Montreal people, the beauty brand also offers a range of services, such as workshops, skin care and home consultations to be pampered as in an institute. And for those who like to control their budget and stick to a precise and regular skincare routine, SIMKHA has just launched its bi-monthly beauty box with non-toxic natural cosmetic products for the face and body.


Non-toxic products

SIMKHA products are all made with natural ingredients from organic farming.

Vegan skincare products

Each product is formulated without animal origin ingredients. No beeswax or honey.

Fair trade

Our raw materials come from farming families grouped in cooperatives in Africa, Latin America and Mexico.




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