Black entrepreneurs from Montreal : Top 7 brands to check out

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Black entrepreneurs from Montreal : Top 7 brands to check out

Do you want to support Montreal’s Afro-entrepreneurs brands? You are in the right place!

The variety of websites owned by black entrepreneurs in Montreal is incredible: there are always new sites, to the point that it can be hard to keep track of them. However, I have a few favorites. There are some websites that are absolutely amazing where you can find unique and trendy masterpieces .

If you like cute things, and are passionated by home decor, fashion, beauty and cooking recipes, these sites are a great starting point: they’re all about good quality and attractive items and you may not have explored all of them.


1. MCF Curated Boutique


MCF Curated boutiqueUpscale trendy Italian designer bags, shoes (sneakers for a princess), jewelry, and accessories. Exactly the same you see in fashion magazines and on sassy fashionistas’ Instagrams .And at almost reasonable prices. (What is a reasonable price, anyway?)

For who? : For young aspiring fashion bloggers with a healthy appetite for trendy stuff and moderate budgets. And for sensible and forever-young (thanks to fitness, fillers, and filters) fashionistas who don’t care to spend $2000 for an apple-size Gucci handbag, but will splash out on a $200 item by a less-known Italian designer

2. Coo-Mon Accessoires and Cultures

An online store selling fashion accessories by designer Ingrid Agbato. A wide choice ofsuper cute items awaits you: matching ties and bow ties for father and son, headbands for mothers and daughters, waist belts and corsets, wedding items, backpacks and even non-medical masks .

For couples who are preparing for the big day, kids who look for present ideas for their parents and vice versa. Basically, for anyone who is seeking for a nice quality gift for any occasion (baby showers included). Ingrid, the owner, posts in her social media pages lots of videos, personal stories, and even African proverbs.

3. Épis d’or

epis d'or


Exotic sauces, marinades and seasonings.

ÉPIS D’OR’s motto is “Everyone can be a chef!’ I believe they are right. Chefs in restaurants cook from the same ingredients as we do. The secret is – TO ADD THE SAUCE. And raise a price tag.


4.Maison Petite & Bold


Maison Petite et Bold


Trendy items with minimalist or african prints: Headwraps, decorative baskets, African-style home decor, jewelry, etc.

For those who want to add some passion to their homes and outfits. In case you don’t know how to tie up a headwrap – it’s easy: watch here.



5. Retba


Retba collections

Hand-made home decor: pillowcases, kitchen towels, tablecloths, decorative items, wall pictures.

: For connoisseurs who are tired of Winners, never step into Ikea, and disdain AliExpress. For people, who care to keep up neither with the Jones nor with the Kardashians, but just want their homes to be unique.



6. Vêtements Purple


Vetements Purple


Clothing brand – dresses, skirts, pants, t-shirts, tops, face masks.

For those who gravitate to Fashionova and hates Balenciaga. Esther’s dresses and skirts are super feminine. Just look at this floral masterpiece!

Indeed, if you have curves, why hide them?



7. Simkha Biocosmeticstiques



Certified vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand – face creams, serums, body and foot care, sea salts, lip scrub, and – well, almost everything you use in your daily skincare routine!

: For those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle with selfcare in mind, As Coco Chanel once said, a woman has the age she deserves. Personally, I take my face and body routine quite seriously – to make sure that my offline personality will live up to my own photoshopped images..



These website from the afro-entrepreneurs community are few examples of shopping ideasn to explore, There are website I personnally browse regularly but I know there are thousands of others i don’t know yet that are worth the time.

Do you know Afro-entrepreneurs websites that you would like to recommend? Share your favorite afrobusiness links in tjhe comments.



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