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In order to enlarge our SIMKHAglam community, we have set up a direct sales and hostess program!

What is the program?

SIMKHA counselors go to the homes of friends, or people interested in organizing a girl’s reception, on the theme Love Your Beauty Party. The consultant talks about the company, the benefits of the products, and offers advice on the use of each product.

How the presentations take place

  1. Determine the client’s need and date an appointment (sheet and procedure in the appendix).
  2. Distribute a slideshow and technical sheet of the different products and treatments offered.
  3. Present the SIMKHA brand, in its nature, its mission and its objectives.
  4. Have the star products tested (hand scrubs, hand cream, foot baths), and present the other products from the catalog of the month.

Talk about the different services offered and business opportunities within the company.

1. The privileges of the hostess or host

As host of the love your beauty party
• You will have the privilege of having access to our beauty care expert for 2 months, who will answer all your questions on beauty tips and much more.
• A 15% discount for 2 months applicable once a month on products in the store but if the desired product is already on sale: you will get a 15% discount if the promotion of the day is less than 15, and plus 2% additional discount if the promotion is more than 15%.
• A gift certificate for a facial massage with one of our employees

2.Host rewards (SE) (hostess credits in the form of $ rebate)

Presentation sales Host credit Selection of ½ price
$ 00 – $ 250 10% of sales 1 product under $ 15
$ 250- $ 500 12% of sales 1 product under $ 20
$ 500 – $ 1000 15% of sales 2 products under $ 30
$ 1199 at more than 20% of sales 2 products under $ 30
+ 1 product ½ price of your choice

NB: the discounts are applicable on an order made on the day of the party!

What to do now:

Say yes, and treat yourself to a ‘love your beauty party’ at home with friends of choice.

Fill in below and we take care of the rest.
We will send you all the information you need to plan your presentation.
Recipes, beauty tips, and lots of fun will be waiting for you!

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You can also decide to become one of our advisers

Be a SIMKHA advisor?

In this case, you will need:

1. A starter kit for $ 105

A starter kit in the amount of $ 105 with a real value of $ 230 + tax, which entitles you to 7 flagship products from our ranges, as well as 5 samples to allow you to have what you need during your parties.
2. A special purchase price for a consultant
3. Access to exclusive discounts for our employees

4.Training on the products and treatments offered
5. A possibility to participate in 2 of our DIY workshops, manufacturing care products for free
6. Support at all times on issues related to the products
7. A SIMKHA T-Shirt ‘I’m a touch of joy’
8. The possibility of representing SIMKHA during some of these events
9. Access to SIMKHA test benches.
Rewards, bonus according to sales objective

What to do now:

Say yes, and be part of our team of advisers, enter your information at the bottom of the page, and we will contact you.
We will send you all the information you need to plan your presentation!


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