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Passion is the first thing we look for in a partner. Addicted to natural products and skincare routines? Let’s make it official! We want you on our team if you…

les conditions

Be among the first to earn revenue by referring new SIMKHA customers. Membership is free – no fees and no minimum sales. To be eligible, you must:

You must be at least 18 years old at the time of registration.

You must be a Canadian resident.

Vous êtes un blogueur, un influenceur actif dans la communauté de la beauté bio avec au moins 1000 abonnés engagés. Et votre passion pour les produits cosmétiques naturels est contagieuse.

You like to share content related to our themes and values. (natural beauty, environmental protection,
organic cosmetics, healthy lifestyle, wellness, etc.).

Before you sign up for the program, we want to make sure that you like our products and that you have already tested them to talk about them better. That’s why we favor people who are already customers at the time of the registration.

We appreciate when our products is shared by our ambassadors, whether through beautiful photos, videos or stories that we can be proudly repost or share.

The steps



Complete the SIMKHA Ambassador Program application form. Make sure you complete all of the fields otherwise your application will be rejected.



Help us grow SIMKHA’s customer base in Canada. When your visitors click on a link and place an order, you earn money and we gain a new customer!


Tracking your results

After signing up, you will get access to your affiliate area, where you can line up and track your commissions. You will have to choose your payment method, Paypal or electronic transfer.

Have questions about our affiliate program?

Contact us for more details.