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Every 2 months, give your teenager a personalized beauty box!

a teenage girl gift box to offer for Christmas, or other occasion

Products included in each teen beauty box

Every 2 months, you will receive natural locally produced eco-responsible skincare products (with monthly or annual payment) and benefit from a dedicated beauty advisor who will answer all your beauty-related questions and design a customized skincare routine suitable for your skin type. Perfect gift for a teenager to help them to learn the basics of self-care. Orders are placed automatically every 2 months.

Each shipment includes organic, vegan and made in Canada products:

1 clay mask (matcha or yellow)
1 face serum
1 lip treatment
1 hair care

how it works

Fill out the form below and pay your first monthly payment.
Inform us of any change (delivery address, billing address, contents of the box as soon as possible)
You can unsubscribe at any time, when you wish, by sending us a simple email to info@simkhabiocosmetiques.ca

Receive 4 body treatments every 2 months

 At the end of the month, SIMKHA sends you a box containing 4 skin care products, delivered to your home every 2 months. We offer you free advice on choosing your products.

Personalized service

You are free to choose your products from the eligible categories. 1 product of each category. You can change the content by sending us a simple message to info@simkhabiocosmetiques.ca

Exclusive advantages

* 30% savings on the real value of products
* Free delivery in Canada every 2 months
* Payment every 2 months or annually
* Personalized advice with our expert in cosmetology

Offering the SIMKHA monthly box subscription is simple!

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Need help?

Let us offer you a free beauty consultation to help you find and apply your ideal skin routine.

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