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Delivery is free for orders of $ 65 or more. Below $ 65 standard delivery (7-10 days) to Canada costs $ 11 for single orders (1 item) and $ 15 for multiple orders. If you want to receive your package in 5 days, opt for express delivery which will cost you between $ 15 and $ 20.

If you live in Montreal, you also have the option of picking up at home for as little as $ 5 Allow 3-5 days before you can collect your order. It’s free whatever the amount of your order!

We accept payments via VISA, MASTERCARD, Paypal and INTERAC transfers If you wish to order by phone, we will be happy to take your order. Please note that we do not store your payment information and never write your bank information on paper when placing orders over the phone.

We use Eco-friendly, BPA-free and biodegradable packaging. Our containers are reusable, and our bags of scrubs are made from rice fibers, and are therefore environmentally friendly.

Our raw materials come directly from farming families. Ces dernières appartiennent à un un réseau de coopératives qui souscrivent aux commerces équitables.

Thus, we are assured that the amounts invested in the purchase of our raw materials go directly to the families of producers.

Our shea and cocoa butters come from Benin, Burkina-Faso and Ghana.

Our Neem oil, as well as Baobab oil, comes from a reputable cooperative that promotes fair trade in Benin.

While our mango butter, and our precious oils such as rosehip, Tamanu or calophyll, jojoba, grape seed come from a network of cooperatives that deal with families of producers from Latin America and Mexico.

Our clays come from all over the world, but we make sure that our supplier respects fair trade standards.

A peculiarity, when we do business with our suppliers, is that a minimum of 55% of companies must be owned by women, and / or must be headed by a woman.

We do not accept returns for hygienic reasons. However, if there is an error in sending your order, you can return the product to us, and we will give you a refund or credit. We can send you a replacement product if you wish, for express delivery at our expense. For more details, see our return policy.

Yes we have an affiliate program called the SIMKHA Ambassador Program. Find out more.

No We never do animal testing. We are Cruelty free certified by the Leaping Bunny Program. All our product are certified cruelty free.

Our products are vegan. They do not contain any ingredients of animal origin. Instead of beeswax, we use candelilla wax in our formulations.

None of our products contain palm oil.

We can sell some of our products in bulk such as lotions, moisturizing butters. We can make you a quote for your large volume orders. More details.

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