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ByJessie Awakossa | Posted on 08/05/ 2021

Buying scented candles online is really getting easier with all these new online stores that offer candles with a wide variety of fragrances and decorations. But it is essential to choose the right scented candles. The choice of candles is important not only for the desired ambiance but also for health, safety and environment. So what are the criteria to take into account? Are there candles that meet all the quality and safety criteria? So many questions that will be answered in this Candles buying guide!

Choosing the Right Candle Wax

The type of wax that makes up the candle plays an essential role in the toxicity, the burning time of the candle and its ability to diffuse scents. There are three types of waxes: animal wax (beeswax), mineral wax and vegetable wax.

Animal wax (Beeswax)

Beeswax is the main wax of animal origin. White or yellow in color. it is secreted by bees after they visit flowers and consume honey. and does not emit any particular odor. We can therefore add fragrances easily. It burns slowly and its cost is relatively expensive due to its rarity. It is mainly used for the manufacture of molded candles.

Mineral wax (paraffin)

Mineral wax (paraffin) is the most used in the manufacture of candles because it is easy to work for manufacturers. Paraffin is a derivative of petroleum. It is mainly used for making indoor candles. However, due to its origin, it presents a danger to health and the environment (paraffin is a non-renewable petroleum residue). Regulations in Europe and the United States guarantee non-toxic mineral waxes, but these waxes often burn off more quickly and produce less scents.

Vegetable Wax

It is a natural and ecological wax. It is made from ingredients of plant origin such as soy, palm, coconut, rapeseed or jojoba. These ingredients can be mixed together to make natural scented candles that burn well. Note that like palm oil, palm wax is currently at the heart of a major ecological and humanitarian debate relating to deforestation.

Soy wax candles burn cleaner and slower; they are not toxic and do not release petroleum and carbon soot. They burn twice as long as mineral waxes.

To summarize: To choose your scented candles, choose candles with vegetable wax because they are natural, non-toxic and ecological.

Chossing the Right Candle Wick

To choose the right scented candles, choosing the right candle wick is essential. The candle wick plays an essential role in the good behavior of the candle when it burns. The wick has an impact not only on the burning of the candle, but also on the melting of the candle and the diffusion of the fragrance.

Synthetic candle wicks

The problem with synthetic wicks is that they may have undergone harmful chemical treatments when the candle is burned.

Wooden wicks

Very trendy, wooden wicks adapt well to vegetable waxes. They give a crackling flame and a fireplace note. They are therefore ideal in a winter atmosphere.

Lead wicks

Some wicks have a metallic core, sometimes containing lead. As they burn, lead-core wicks produce lead vapors and dust, which can be harmful, especially to children and pregnant women. You can check if a candle contains lead by removing the wax that covers the end of the wick, the strands of which are then separated. If there is a metal center, rub a piece of white paper on the new wick: if you notice a slight grayish mark on the paper, the wick contains lead.

Cotton wicks

Cotton wicks are recommended because they provide more complete burn and durability and non-toxic smoke.

To summarize: Choose pure cotton or wood wicks because they are natural, non-toxic and ecological.

Multiple candle wicks

The advantage of these multiple wicks that they burn instantly. However, according to a Health Canada study , multiple-wick candles may increase the risk of fire, due to the high flames they can produce. If you buy some, make sure the wicks aren’t too close together.

To summarize: Choose vegetable wax candles because they are natural, non-toxic and ecological.

The thickness of the wick

With a vegetable wax, it is better to choose thick wicks for better combustion and greater fragrance intensity. For mineral wax, all wick thicknesses are suitable, even the finest.

Choosing Safe Containers

Wooden and plastic containers

Candles sold in small plastic jars should be avoided: their wax is often cheapand the plastic may melt. Note also that wooden and plastic containers can catch fire.

Glass containers

Glass candle jars have the advantage of being reusable and easy to clean. Once the candle is used up, just pour boiling water in it and leave it on overnight to loosen the wax residue. The recycling possibilities are endless!

Terracotta pots

You can also find terracotta or cement containers for a more rustic style.

Choosing the best type of fragrance

To choose the right scented candles, you must take into account the quality of the perfume used. There are many types of scented candles such as those scented with essential oils or scented oils.

Scented candles with essential oils and plant-based extracts

It is better to get scented candles with essential oils and plant extracts rather than chemicals. The scent can only diffuse when the entire surface of the candle is completely melted, which takes an hour or two. Perform this operation the day before or a few hours before. The scent will then diffuse with all its power, even if you only light your candle for a short time.

Scented candles with artificial oils

Chemical or artificial fragrances are often giving headaches and can have a long term harmful effect on health! They can give off formaldehyde and thus cause respiratory irritation on combustion.

Ways of Adding Fragrance to Candles

Generally speaking, the best candle is the one that diffuses your chosen scent until the candle is completely worn out. And for that, you have to make sure that the scented oil is mixed with the wax. And not just deposited on the surface of the candle with a pipette. Inexpensive candles often use the second method, which is why they diffuse their scent only on the first burn.

To sum up: It is better to buy scented candles with essential oils and plant extracts rather than synthetically scented oils. The best candle is one that uses a natural scent oil that has been directly mixed with the wax. It diffuses its fragrance over the long term.

Should you buy colorful and decorated candles?

Prefer an uncolored wax because the pigments densify the wax, which can disrupt the proper functioning of the candle. The “original decorations” can contain harmful and dangerous materials during combustion.

Choosing the best fragrance for you

There are families of scents that can guide you in your choices: fruity scents, floral scents, gourmet scents, woody or spicy scents, fresh scents. It all depends on your preferences and the style of ambience you want to achieve.

Fruity scents

These are the scents that recall the most common fruits such as coconut, apple, pear or strawberry, or the most original such as kiwi, pumpkin, cucumber. These are soothing fragrances that promote relaxation and sleep.

Floral scents

We classify in this category the scents of rose, peony, lavender, ylang ylang, among others. They are perfect for summer atmospheres if you appreciate the flowery and light notes. Zen and cocooning atmosphere

Woody or spicy scents

These are, for example, the fragrances of sandalwood, cedar, amber, ginger or cinnamon. They will please you if the oriental atmospheres of Thousand and One Night style make you dream. They are also perfect for warming up the ambiance in fall and winter. They are room fragrances conducive to concentration. Perfect for lovers of forest walks!

Gourmet scents

We find the scents of vanilla, chocolate, caramel, maple syrup, etc. These fragrances are perfect for moments of cocooning in summer as in spring.

Fresh and green notes

Fresh and green notes like mint, green tea, bergamot are perfect in spring because they are reminiscent of the greenery of May. Fresh and green notes like mint, green tea, bergamot are perfect in spring because they recall the greenery of May.

Citrus scent

They correspond to citrus fruits but also to raw materials with a lemony scent (verbena, bergamot).

Choosing the right scented candles, in brief?

There are 3 criteria to take into account to choose your scented candles: the quality of the wax, the perfume and the wick. A good scented candle burns slowly and evenly. She does not smoke, her wick stays straight and well centered and she diffuses her scent all the way.

At SIMKHA, we offer natural candles that meet these 3 criteria. We have selected a 100% vegetable wax, soy wax, which has the advantage of being natural and environmentally friendly.

We make our candles with pure cotton wicks and without paraffin. They do not contain chemicals or synthetic fragrances.

If you care about your health and the environment, you can trust our candles. Keep in mind that it will always be more interesting to choose your scented candles wisely than to save a few dollars and buy a poor quality candle.

Here is the link to our collection of soy candles.

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