points of sale


As always, the best option for you is to buy SIMKHA products directly from our online store to access all of our product lines in one place. However, some of our products are offered at the following points of sale:

L’atelier boutique Suite 210 (Charleen)

2000 Rue Notre-Dame E.,

Montreal QC H2K 2N3

Pharmacie Uniprix Sébastien Lacroix

161 rue Beaubien E.,

Montreal QC H2S 1R3

Vie en Vrac

1575 Ontario E.

Montreal QC H2L 1S6

Marketplace Walmart


Produits écologiques Lemieux

4777 Av Papineau
Montréal QC H2H 1V4

  • Face care
  • Body moisturizer Lorenzo

Boco Boco (zero waste grocery store)


  • Face serums
  • Day and night cream
  • Hands cream

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