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Is customized organic cosmetics made for you?

Sometimes finding the product that suits you can be a real headache! If you are used to testing many products and are discouraged, customize organic cosmetics is certainly for you.

Do you dream of an effective and unique product that combines your favorite ingredients? Need an anti-aging serum or cream that respects your type and the condition of your skin? Need an anti-blemish cream or a care that adapts to your skin sensitivity ? Take advantage of SIMKHA expertise!

We can formulate for you a personalized skin care product, by letting you participate, in the choice of ingredients. Finally dare the natural ingredients that make you feel good and that you love. Whether for a product or for an entire range, SIMKHA offers you a customized organic cosmetic formulation service from our laboratory in Laval. Have a unique product delivered to your home, created with you and for you.

We are at your disposal, for your needs, ranging from simple customization of a product from our catalog, or personalized formulation from A to Z.

Our formulation expert can advise you, in the choice of ingredients according to your specific needs. Do not hesitate to ask us questions and let us know if you have any doubts.

Our commitment: The quality and effectiveness of the ingredients used is our main concern. You can also count on the transparency of our formulas.

Several options are available to you. A home consultation (only in Montreal and the surrounding area) could be envisaged depending on the case in order to better target your skin needs

We accept requests that respect our values ​​and ethics. Thus, you will be assured, to have a healthy product, cruelty free , and respectful, of the environment which responds, to a perfectly targeted need.

We are delighted with your confidence and will be happy to analyzed your request with you.


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